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  • My Favorite Accessories on Monday, April 9, 2012 @ 3:08 PM
    Like the next girl, I love accessorizing my outfits with jewelry. Here are some of my favorites in my collection:

    Putumayo Alice in a Teapot necklace
    I bought this at the Putomayo shop at Laforet, Harajuku. I LOVE this necklace because it's so cute and unique. Plus, I love anything Alice in Wonderland related.

    Putomayo Chandelier necklace
    Also bought this at Laforet. Sadly the chain that it came with was really flimsy; it broke on my plane ride back to New York from Tokyo.

    Ruki replica lock necklace as seen here
    I bought this at a street stand in Takeshita Dori. The elderly staff working there saw my best friend and me and said, "You guys like the Gazette? We have replica member accessories!"

    6%dokidoki ドキドキ ring
    This rings is so fun to wear out because it really stands out!

    Rhinestone skull rings
    These were brought at a fashion jewelry shop in SoHo. I had the black one first, but as you can see, the paint is already chipping off so I went back and got another one in silver.

    Vivienne Westwood replica armor ring
    This was also bought in Takeshita Dori. I believe the shop was called Zen Mall. I've always been a fan of Nana and wanted a ring just like hers. However, I wasn't going to shell out $200+ on a ring, much less one that I can get a replica for one that looks almost the same and costs only 2000yen (~$24USD).

    the Gazette x Gemcerey "Quiet Beauty" Black edition
    This is my most expensive piece of jewelry...but I love chandeliers so much and the fact that Ruki designed it made it impossible not to get. I actually got the re-released version, which I like more because it was in a darker color.

    6%dokidoki Unicorn earring
    Isn't this the cutest little thing ever?

    Skull bracelet
    This is kind of a flashy piece but I really like it. However, apparently my wrist is too small so it tends to flop around, banging on my hand. So I need to be careful so I don't end up bruising the back of my hand.

    h.Naoto Butterfly Cross bracelet
    I bought this at the San Francisco shop because it was so pretty and plus...IT WAS ON SALE!

    What are your favorite accessories? 

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    OpenID demoniquecrown said on May 19, 2012 at 10:59 AM  

    I love all your faves! They look so pretty in person as well!

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