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  • Betsey Johnson Haul + Liquidation Sample Sale on Friday, May 18, 2012 @ 5:36 PM
    Like many girls, my heart broke when I heard that Betsey Johnson had filed for bankruptcy. Betsey's clothes are always so eccentric and beautiful, even if they are on the pricier side.

    On Wednesday, after my Chemistry lab class, my friend and I went to the Betsey Johnson shop in SoHo. Everything was 20% off and they're still not sure when the exact closing date is. But even with 20% off, things are still too expensive for my wallet. Though I did buy this hi-lo skirt/skort, which was originally $78 and after the sale was $62.

    Hi-Lo Dot Skirt. Sorry had to use the stock image because I couldn't get a good picture of it.
    After I came home that day, my mom informed me that there will be a 4-Day Betsey Johnson liquidation sample sale! UP TO 80% OFF!
    Here are my findings of the day (Please click for larger images): 

    Heart Choker
    This is such a pretty choker! The tag says it was originally $116 but since jewelry was 50% off, the nice man on the counter put it in the plastic bag and put $50 on it. But when I went to the register, they took ANOTHER 50% off so I got this choker for only $25!
    Ski & Mitten Duo Necklace
    My friend picked this up and had it bagged for her but she decided against it last minute. But I told her that I would get it for her birthday, which was yesterday. The price on the tag was sharpie-d out so I don't know what the original price is. But I got it for $22.50.
    BETSEYVILLE Glitterati LG Cosmetic Bag
    I kind of want to take this off and use it as a pendant
    I have been needing a makeup bag so when I travel so this is perfect! The original price of this bag was $45 and I got it for $15
    Puff sleeve shirt
    This shirt is so cute; it closes by hooks in the front. There were no prices on the tags on most clothing but on the receipt, it says this was originally $75 and I bought it for $30.
    Vanity Floral Tunic
    Chain detail

    This was my favorite find of the day! I saw it from afar and thought they were either chandeliers or candelabras. But when I grabbed it, it wasn't but still it is a really beautiful tunic with chain sewn on to each rounded design. Once again the tag doesn't indicate the original price nor is the price on the receipt accurate. But from looking at the Betsey Johnson website, this dress was originally $198. I was lucky enough to get it for only $50

    My total spending (including tax) of the day was $148.05

    There were signs with the prices of each type of item listed on the walls. The formal dresses are still quite high after the sale, still in the $100-250 range. They said that day dresses were $70. Tops and bottoms were $60. Jewelry were half off the original price. HOWEVER, as you can see, when I got up to the register, there were additional discounts made.

    If anybody who is in the area and interested in going, here is the flyer: 
    Between 6TH AVE & BROADWAY

    Though I have to warn that MOST of the apparel is a size 2 or 4. 

    When I went today, I was on the line for probably 45 minutes but the staff working there are so nice and really willing to answer your questions.

    I might go back on Sunday to see if there are any more jewelry! 

    For Part II of this haul click HERE!

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