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  • Tutorial: DIY Deco Rhinestone Picker on Saturday, November 3, 2012 @ 7:24 PM

    Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, I was stuck at home for a week with nothing to do. So I decided to do some deco-ing. Halfway through prepping, I realized that I didn't have a rhinestone picker tool. Actually I've never used one before for my projects. I've always just dipped my dotting tool in clear polish to pick up rhinestones previously, though it seems tedious to have to constantly apply polish to your dotting tool every couple minutes or so.
    I've noticed that most dotting tools use wax to pick up the gems. I've looked at other tutorials of how to make your own rhinestone picker and most of them were too messy/sticky for my taste (plus I can't go out to get the supplies due to lack of transportation atm), so I decided to make my own. It's fairly easy and super cheap; all you need are:

    • Candle
    • Dotting Tool (If you don't have one, you can use a pencil, skewer stick/toothpick, etc)
    • Lighter

    Step 1: Light the candle and wait for the wax around the wick to melt
    Step 2: Once a decent amount of wax has melted, blow out the candle.

    Step 3: You will want to dip your dotting tool in the wax when it's starting to cool and can harden quickly. 

    *The first dip into the wax, you might want to press down into the unmelted wax to create that ball shape for a base*

    Step 4: Keep dipping your dotting tool until you have the desired size
    *If it doesn't come out in the shape that you want (ie: not round enough), you can always dip in the wax and shape it into a circle with your fingers (though be careful as wax might still be hot)* 

    And you're done~!

    I think this method is good for smaller rhinestones (I mainly use 3mm rhinestones) or microbeads for decoden and nail art; I haven't tried to make the ball of wax bigger to see if it can pick up bigger rhinestones. But still I think this is a cheap and easy way to make your own rhinestone picker.

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