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  • Pre-Finals Mini-Haul on Saturday, December 8, 2012 @ 12:45 AM
    The dreaded finals week is inching closer and closer, so I won't be updating much until finals are over. But I'm so glad that this will be my last semester as an undergraduate.

    Anyway, I hung out with Su today before the torturous final week begins. We started the day off with dim sum in Brooklyn. I don't usually like eating dim sum or going to "yum cha," for my Chinese speaking readers, but for the past couple of days I was craving some shrimp dumplings.

    After dim sum, we went to Manhattan to get some beauty products. I had to get some stuff for myself and my best friend's birthday, and also something for my parents' 25th wedding anniversary.

    Here's all the things I got!

    My Beauty Dairy BEST SELLERS masks
    I bought two of these; one for me and one for my best friend. I've never tried any My Beauty Diary products so I'm really excited to use them!
    My Beauty Diary CAVIAR masks
    This was is for me also~ I wanted this especially for the V-shape firming action.
    Bathclin Aroma Sparkling ROSE MOIST bath salts
    This is for my best friend since she always wanted to try bath salts.

    We went to the Disney store because I remember the one that used to be in 5th Avenue had wedding anniversary figurines and such. But this one didn't, however, Su and I still wandered around the store and came upon THIS:
    Disney Villains Designers Collection Mug

    Isn't it beautiful? AND it was on sale too~ 2 for $16! Though she's not my favorite villain (the Queen of Hearts is), I got the Ursula design. Actually Both Su and I got the Ursula one, despite the fact she isn't our top villain, because she had the best dress by far. We originally decided to split the $16 but Su decided to get it for me for Christmas. Thank you, Su ♥ 

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