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  • Review: Lady Sloth Clock Series Skirt on Thursday, December 27, 2012 @ 1:24 PM
    Lady Sloth
    [Lady Sloth's Facebook]

    Items Purchased: Clock Series Skirt with Braces
    Items Ordered: October 16th
    Items Received: December 1st
    Shipping Method: Standard $12

    Shipped from: Poland
    Shipped to: USA
    Rating: 4/5
    Do I recommend this store: Yes


    Here is a timeline: 

    October 15th:
    Contacted Lady Sloth regarding Clock Series skirt on Facebook

    October 16th: 

    Lady Sloth replied, with a order form 
    Emailed Lady Sloth with the order form.
    Asked if it was possible to receive the item by November 10th.
    Lady Sloth said yes and she will be able to ship that week
    Amount Paid

    November 6th: 

    Lady Sloth emailed me with a tracking number, saying she shipped the package the day before

    November 12th:
    Lady Sloth emailed me saying that her mother sent me the wrong skirt.

    November 23rd:
    Package with wrong skirt arrived, returned it to sender.
    Lady Sloth emailed me with a new tracking number, saying she shipped the package the day before

    December 1st: 

    Package with correct skirt arrived!

    It seems as though she did not send it the week that I ordered, but I really was not in a rush to get it (I was planning to wear it at an event but I had backup outfits). I understand that she was busy with restocking some of her prints.

    After a week of anticipating for the skirt to arrive at my door, Lady Sloth emailed me, saying that her mother sent me a high-waist skirt instead of the one with the brace and to not accept the package when it arrives to me; so that it will automatically send back to sender. This was the email I received from her.

    "AAAA! My mum sent You wrong skirt. High waisted instead of mix. Please, don't take package, it came back to me and she send You correct skirt"

    Even after the estimated 7-10 days delivery, I still had not received the package with the wrong skirt. I am pretty sure it wasn't due to Hurricane Sandy because I have received a lot of packages from overseas since the storm. I even left a note for the postman, saying if there's a package from Poland for me, to return to the sender and to sign the note if the package came. 

    Also, the tracking she gave me never updated its information from "Your Item's Status We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece" until November 22rd. 

    I was at a friend's house, celebrating Thanksgiving so I wasn't able to get the package myself but my brother called me in  the morning to let me know that he told the postman to return it to sender. I informed her that the package should be on its way back to Poland.

    After that, she sent me an email with a new tracking number and that she sent the package the day before. I was always under the impression that she had sent me the correct skirt when she first realized the mistake. Maybe the contents of the email is too confusing due to the language barrier.

    Anyway, the package arrived on December 1st. It was packed securely as shown below: 
    The dress itself is very nicely constructed. There was no hanging threads or things of that sort at all. The hem was well-serged with the lace. There was also partial shirring in the back. 
    I had requested a skirt with a 72cm waist and it fits perfectly. Here's the skirt on:
    With a medium petticoat
    I find that the braces don't suit me at all, so I will probably remove them. But other then that, I really like this skirt.

    Communication: 4/5
    Shipping: 3/5
    Product: 5/5
    Overall: 4/5

    Final Verdict: Lady Sloth is a great seamstress and I am very satisfied with this skirt. Had it not been for the shipping mishap, I would have given this review a higher rating. I would definitely order from her again. I do have to say that if you want to get in contact with her, Facebook is the better option since I feel that she responds a lot faster there rather than her email. It takes her several days, if even, to respond by email, but it takes her a couple hours or a day to respond by Facebook.     

    This product is currently sold out but Lady Sloth has plenty of beautiful designs that you can check out.

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