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  • Tutorial: DIY Fruit Enzyme [Day 1-3] on Thursday, May 23, 2013 @ 2:18 AM
    So my mom started doing this fruit enzyme thing, which is apparently really popular in Asia right now. There is no scientific proven benefits to it as of yet, but I thought I would share with you guys because I thought this was pretty interesting.  

    Fruit enzyme is the process of fermenting fruits with the mandatory ingredients of lemon, honey and sugar (more specifically rock sugar) for 2-3 weeks. This process extracts the juice and enzymes of the fruits. The claimed benefits are:
     Improves immune system
     Improves digestive system
     Lowers cholesterol level

    You can pretty much use any kind of fruits you want, plus lemon. My mom used grapes and apples. The process calls for rock sugar but she used honey because it is more healthy and just a small amount of the rock sugar. 

    Here is what you will need:
    • A clean glass container
    • Fruits of your choosing
    • Lemon
    • Honey 
    • Rock sugar (optional and can be found in Asian markets)
    STEP 1: Clean and thoroughly dry the glass container and fruits. They all have to be completely dry so mold does not grow during the fermentation.

    STEP 2: Once dried, slice up your fruits.

    STEP 3: Layer by layer, place the ingredients into the glass container. Use a knife to lay the fruits flat if needed. I'm not sure if the order of the fruits matter but we arranged it so that between each fruit there is a layer of lemon and honey (ie: grape, lemon, honey, apple, lemon, honey, grape...etc). Lastly, top it off with a layer of rock sugar.
    STEP 4: Close the lid to the container tightly.
    STEP 5: Allow to ferment for 2-3 weeks in room temperature. Keep out of sunlight. 
    STEP 6: Shake the container daily.
    STEP 7: Open the lid for a couple seconds every couple of days. 
    STEP 8: After the 2-3 weeks of fermentation, put concoction through a strainer and use the liquid only. 
    STEP 9: Keep the liquid in the refrigerator. 
    STEP 10: Enjoy!

    The instructions my mom had says to only take 30 ml (1 oz) a day, so you can mix it with your water. 

    We have been fermenting for 3 days and this is how the container looked each day so far:
    Day One
    Day Two
    Day Three
    As you can see, liquid is already collecting at the bottom of the container.

    Has anyone ever heard of this before?
    Please let me know if you have tried this!

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