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  • 3-Day Fruit Detox Cleanse [Day One] on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 @ 10:37 PM
    Day One

    I took my weight down for reference first thing in the morning. However, please note that the purpose of this detox is not for me to lose weight; the purpose is to cleanse out my body so it could reset, so to speak.  

    Starting weight: 118.2 pounds

    I woke up and before I did anything else, I went to make a glass of lukewarm water and juice of half a lemon. As  I have said before, I do not like drinking water. And what I hate even more is drinking water with citrus added to it. I like citrus fruits by itself but I hate it when it is diluted into water. But I had to suck it up and drink it. I couldn't even chug it down because the citrus acid would sting my throat with every gulp I took. Eventually I downed it!

    Benefits of water & lemon: 

    • Helps with digestion
    • Better breath
    • Boosts immune system
    • Energizes the body
    I do have to say that I did feel energized after drinking that. I usually wake up at noon and still feel like a zombie but I actually wasn't tired at all. 

    Following my meal plan, I had to blend 4 apples, 2 carrots and 3 stalk of celery. But the blender created way too much pulp that I definitely did not want to eat, so I ended up using the juicer like I had planned previously. 
    It wasn't so bad besides the strong celery odor. Though it did take me a while to finish it since it was a big amount.

    • Apples: Antioxidant, has Vitamins A, B, C
    • Carrots: Antioxidant, good for eyesight 
    • Celery: Good source of fiber, negative calories
    I had scheduled the next juicing at noon but I felt too bloated so I pushed it back an hour. This time I blended 1 cucumber, 3 stalks of celery, 3 carrots, 1/2 of a bitter melon and 1/2 lemon. It tasted disgusting so I added an orange to the mix. Not that it helped but it was better than nothing. But by now, I am super bloated and going in and out of the bathroom.
    • Cucumbers: High water content
    • Celery: Good source of fiber, negative calories
    • Carrots: Antioxidant, good for eyesight
    • Bitter melon: Better digestion, good for skin
    • Lemon: Better digestion and immune system

    I think I am going through a meat withdrawal. I think this might be the longest time I have gone without eating meat (yes, pathetic, I know seeing that it has only been less than 24 hours since my last proper meal).

    I decided to opted out of the 3:00PM meal since I was feeling really bloated after the second serving of juice. I even had to force myself to finish it without throwing up. Yuck. Anyway the last juice of the day was a mix of 1 cucumber, 1 celery, 1 tomato and 1/2 lemon. I also added an extra apple to this recipe. 
    • Cucumbers: High water content
    • Celery: Good source of fiber, negative calories
    • Tomatoes: Contains lycopene, good source of fiber
    • Lemon: Better digestion and immune system
    This one wasn't so bad since I added the apple. I think I should start adding an apple or two to the recipes with only 1/2 lemon. 

    Ending weight: 116.8 pounds

    Conclusion of Day One:
    It was hard to get used to not eating solid food. I'm definitely going through a meat withdrawal; I've been feeling a bit dizzy. It might be the scale but apparently I lost 1.4 pounds, most likely thanks to all the trips I made to the bathroom today. I think I am going to continue only have three servings of juice a day because I don't think I can take four. Man, I can't wait until Saturday; I'm going to have the biggest piece of steak after this.

    Detox reaction gif of the day:

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