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  • 3-Day Fruit Detox Cleanse Preparation on Tuesday, June 4, 2013 @ 11:04 PM
    So lately I have developed dermographia, a condition where when you scratch your skin, it becomes bumpy and inflamed. At first I thought that I was allergic to something I ate, which is unlikely since I did not eat anything out of the ordinary. Also, I even took a couple of allergy pills and my skin never recovered. My condition isn't so bad but it gets really irritating.

    Su suggested that I do a fruit cleanse to detox toxins from my body. I was really reluctant at first, seeing that I can only drink the fruit and vegetable juices, and nothing else for next couple of days. I will be the first to admit that I have a very poor diet. I rarely drink water unless I have to. I eat a lot of fried foods and don't exercise. It really is a wonder how I am not obese.

    Then I proceeded on going on a Google research for fruit detoxes. It is most effective if your juice concoction is a mix of 80% vegetables and 20% fruits. I choose the recipes with mostly vegetables that I don't mind eating, but also added some that I absolutely hate (celery and bell peppers). Originally, I was only going to juice the ingredients but my brother told me to blend it instead so there will be pulp (more nutrients and will make me feel fuller).  

    So yesterday I made a meal plan on excel with the recipes I found online. 
    Click for larger image
    This morning my brother went with me to the Chinese supermarket that is a couple blocks from my house so I can gather up the ingredients for the detox. I prefer going to the Chinese supermarket only because it is closer to me and way cheaper than regular supermarkets. My total was less than $18. The downside to the Chinese supermarket is that they did not have all the stuff I wanted so I got bitter melon to replace some of them (beets and asparagus). FYI: I hate bitter melon with a burning passion but it's super healthy. 

    It is suggested that you do not exercise or do extraneous activities during your detox since you will be weak and tired to begin with. Not to worry, because I definitely have that down. Minor side effects to detoxing are  getting headaches and being really easily irritated. And obviously, you will be going to the bathroom a lot, due to all the liquid and fiber. 

    My parents and brother already set up a betting pool to see how soon I will give up. Hopefully I will survive these three days. 

    Starting tomorrow at 8AM, I will begin my detox. I will update at the end of tomorrow. 

    Incidentally, this gif of one of my favorite drag queens by the name of Detox Icunt expresses what I'm feeling right now perfectly.

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