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  • Review: Closet Child online on Thursday, October 3, 2013 @ 5:22 PM
    Closet Child online review

    Items Purchased: USED the GazettE(ガゼット)バッグ (bag)
    Items Ordered: August 26th, 2013
    Items Received: October 3rd, 2013
    Shipping Method: EMS 2,800 yen ($28.60USD)
    Shipped from: Japan
    Shipped to: USA 
    Rating: 4/5 
    Do I recommend this store: Yes

    For those of you who do not know, Closet Child is a chain consignment stores in Japan. It's actually broken up into two different sectors: Clothing and Music. With clothing, it is mostly Lolita and Punk; they also have second hand Vivienne Westwood items though they are still quite expensive. For music, they have CDs, DVDs, magazines, band merch of mostly Visual Kei bands. The physical stores either have clothing AND music or separate; the one in Ikebukuro has both. The ones at Takeshita dori in Harajuku are separate; even the Vivienne Westwood one has its own shop (but close together). If I remember correctly, the one in Shinjuku only has clothing and I do not believe I've been to the music one in Shinjuku. 

    In August I was browsing around Closet Child's website as I often do. Nothing ever had caught my eyes until that day, I saw this gold the Gazette boston bag for sale.  It was love at first sight. I know that they have English speaking staffs that you can email them to put your order in instead of using the shopping cart. But if you choose that route, if someone else puts the item in their shopping cart before the staff has a chance to reply to you, the other person has priority. Knowing that I decided to use the shopping cart and followed the instructions they had on their site. 

    So on August 26th, I placed my order for the bag. The instructions for overseas shipping tells you not to pay yet because they need to calculate the shipping cost and will send you an invoice by email of the total amount. 

    By September 10th, I still have not received an email from them so I contacted them by email to make sure they got my order. 

    Finally on September 16th, Closet Child emailed me to say that they have reserved the item for me and sent me an email. I promptly paid and the next day they confirmed that they received my payment and will let me know when my item is ready to send.

    It was October 1st, and I still have not received an email about them shipping the bag, so I emailed them again referring to the status of my item. They emailed me back within hours to let me know that the item has been send and also provided a tracking number. 
    Finally on October 3rd, IT ARRIVED!

    It's beautiful! Even though it was used, the bag is still in pristine condition. 
    Communication: 3.5/5
    Shipping: 4/5
    Product: 5/5
    Overall: 4/5

    Final Verdict: I gave them a 3.5 for communication because they did take a REALLY long time to process everything, from sending you the invoice to sending out my package. Shipping would have been a 5 since it came in 2 days after they shipped it out, however, it took them two weeks to ship it out. 
    I have read on egl that at times Closet Child does take a couple of weeks to reply/process overseas orders because they are short staffed on English speaking employees. 
    I definitely will be ordering from them again if anything catches my eyes again in the future and I can't wait when I go visit Japan again to go to their physical stores!

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