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  • the Gazette's [Beautiful Deformity] Album on Friday, October 25, 2013 @ 6:09 PM
    Yesterday I received my limited edition copy of the Gazette's seventh studio album [Beautiful Deformity]. Shipping alone for this album was $30 from Japan because of the size of it. The last two Gazette albums (Toxic and Division) were already huge and hard to store with the other albums. The limited edition of [Beautiful Deformity] has a 3D album art. At first I was just like "What? Maybe it means it will change pictures when you move it left and right?" 

    The album art will actually be sticking out. So I had to clean up my shelf so I have space for this bulky album.

    The album itself came with this box with the Gazette's logo on it, which I thought was pretty neat. 
    The [Beautiful Deformity] album art is a sculpture of a hybrid of five different animals:  a buffalo (though I think it's more of a ram), tiger, wolf, owl and eagle.

    Inside the box, is the album itself and a TON of folded up booklets.
    I was not impressed with how they packaged the actual CD and extra DVD. It was packaged with thin cardboard like those sample CDs that you get from music festivals. And the folded up booklets all contained the album art concept, mini posters of each member and lyrics. ONE BOOKLET PER SONG. I personally prefer that lyrics be in one single booklet instead of separate; it is quite a hassle to dig in the box to find the lyrics of each song you want to look at.   

    On to the music: I really enjoyed the new album. the Gazette is known for experimenting with their sounds as the years progress. That's one of the things I love about them because they are not releasing the same thing over and over again yet they still stay true to their roots. 

    They always have a good blend of ballads and heavy songs. For me, their ballads are always so beautiful especially with Ruki's voice. 

    In this album, my favorite songs so far are: INSIDE BEAST, LAST HEAVEN, THE STUPID TINY INSECT, 黒く澄んだ空と残骸と片翅 and TO DAZZLING DARKNESS

    With a couple of hours of reorganizing my shelf, I finally found a decent arrangement for the album along with the rest of the band's discography and videography that I own (along with some other Gazette-related stuff). 

    Here is the album's promotion spot, if anyone is interested.

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