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  • Halloween 2013 on Tuesday, November 12, 2013 @ 4:23 AM

    Happy belated Halloween, everyone!

    My Halloween did not exactly turn out as I planned. 

    The weekend before Halloween, I was supposed to go to a costume party at a bar (I don't drink but decided to go anyway) with my friend from high school, Emma, and her husband, Doug. We were going to the bar because Emma's sister in law was bartending so we could have gotten free/discounted drinks, but last minute she wasn't working that night and her friends decided they didn't want to go to the bar if they couldn't get a discount from her. I thought that was quite pathetic because if you're going to go out for the night, you might as well spend SOME money. Anyway, we ended up going to one of the sister in law's friend's house for a party. We were told we should still be in our costumes.

    I didn't have time to take pictures of my outfit and makeup because I was doing Doug's zombie makeup all night. But I wore my Bodyline dress that I spattered with paint. 

    We made it to the party...and Emma and I exchanged looks immediately. This was going to be the lamest party we have ever been to. We were the ONLY ones who had proper costumes on...out of the ten people who were there. To not look like complete jerks, Emma and I just decided to stay there until around midnight. Which was a bad idea, because the music was horrible, the food was horrible, and the only non-alcoholic drink there was Pepsi. Emma and I were in the other room, just gossiping because the party was that boring.

    Here's a picture I stole from Emma's instagram from that night:
    Obviously we're having a super fun time at the party...Both our makeups were fading off also.

    On Halloween, it was supposed to rain so I decided not to wear a dress so I wore my Korilakkuma kigurumi with my Mermaid Prism Lockshop wig. Unfortunately, I discovered my camera battery died on my way to Queens, so I had to take pictures with my crappy iTouch camera. I went with my friends Vanessa and Byron to the Jackson Heights Parade. 

    I only did one scar for my makeup because I was running out of time before the parade started. Vanessa's dog, Lucas was supposed to be Air Bud. They even gave him pants and had to cut out holes so he can poop and pee throughout the day.

    The parade was fun! There were a lot of really cute and creative costumes! Byron was Iron Man and all the little kids ran up to him for high fives and pictures!
    After the parade, we just headed back to Vanessa's place and watched horror movies all night.

    How was your Halloween? I hope it was really fun!


    Blogger Kowareta Doll said on November 12, 2013 at 2:22 PM  

    ahhhh your makeup looks so good ^^

    Blogger KUROWonderland said on November 13, 2013 at 1:09 AM  

    @Kowareta Doll: Thank you, dear<3

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