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  • Tutorial: How To Wash Your Vivienne Westwood X Melissa Jelly Shoes on Sunday, March 30, 2014 @ 10:37 PM
    Hello everybody! It's been a while since my last post but it is because I started a new job! It's a decent 9-5 job (usually) but this week I've been working overtime due to a ton of committee meetings in the office.

    Since starting this new job, I realized that I didn't have any professional flats I can wear in the office. And by professional, I mean ones that doesn't have studs and spikes all over them. So I went shopping, both offline and online, for new shoes, which ultimately led me to Poshmark. What is Poshmark? It's kind of like eBay, except specifically geared towards women's fashion. I first heard about the site while watching a Claire Marshall video. It is a marketplace where people put up clothes, new or used, to sell. Once in a while, you will snag a great deal! It's also very simple to buy and you're protected by Poshmark because they don't release your payment to the seller until you confirm that you have receive the item and are satisfied with it.

    With that said, I found the cutest Vivienne Westwood Anglomania x Melissa Ultragirl jelly flats for a decent price. They have a wax seal design of the iconic orb in front of the shoes. It was love at first sight. Now I am really wary about buying used shoes online, especially if it is name brand because of the possibility of it being a replica. But I'll talk more about that in a bit after this tutorial. But here are the shoes:
    I knew that the shoes were a little scuffed up on the sides but I decided that I can probably clean it up since it was not that dirty; the shoes are in pretty good condition.

    These are the Japanese cleaning sponge erasers that my parents brought back from Hong Kong. From what I have heard, they are very similar to Mr. Clean Magic Erasers, so they can be used as substitutes.

     The sponge comes in a big block so you have to cut out a piece to start cleaning.
     You wet the sponge and start gently scrubbing the shoes. I did try with a regular wet rag but it barely made a difference. You can also add some soap if you have a stubborn mark.
     This is after I cleaned both the outside and inside of the shoe and it looks almost as good as new!
    Details of the wax seal design

    As I mentioned before, there are a lot of knockoff Vivienne Westwood products being sold on the internet. A lot of times, they look so real that people fall for it. It is always important to research before you buy anything.

    As for Vivienne Westwood shoes, especially concerning Melissa collaborations, here is an easy way to tell if what you are buying is authentic or not. 
    Fake ones will show the whole orb logo whereas the authentic ones are cut off. This image is taken from this article, which explains in detail other ways to tell a replica from an authentic Vivienne Westwood shoe. 

    Good luck and be careful shopping everyone!

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