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  • Meeting the #AAAgirls & Sharon Needles' Haunted Manor on Saturday, November 1, 2014 @ 1:32 PM
    Once again, I'M SO SORRY I haven't been updating regularly. Work has been REALLY busy lately so I haven't had the energy for anything after I come home from the office. 

    BUT last Sunday, I did go to the American Apparel event to meet some of my favorite RuPaul's Drag Race queens: Willam Belli (Season 4), Courtney Act (Season 6) and Alaska Thunderfuck (Season 5). American Apparel are selling individual shirts with their faces printed on them and had them for an in-store meet & greet at the Chelsea store.

    I got there around 4:30 and there was already a line around the block! The event started at 5 but the queens didn't get to the store until about 5:20. 
    The store started letting about groups of 5 people go in at a time so it took FOREVER to get inside. But Willam actually came outside several times to say hi to fans and also gave out cupcakes. She even told people to take selfies with her as she walked along the line. 
     Here's mine! After I took it, she told me "That looked good, girl!" and patted me on the back. Her wig is everything btw. She kept saying to people on the line to "tell everybody on the internet that I'm real nice and sincere and shit." In reality, I really do think she is sincere about meeting fans. She might play a bitch on TV but she really does care.

    I finally got in around 7, inside the first one I met was Alaska Thunderfuck
    She was so incredibly nice after we exchanged our Hiiiiieeeee's. I really was rooting for her to win Season 5 and when it didn't happen, I was devastated. Not that I didn't think Jinx Monsoon isn't a good drag queen; I just don't think she had the caliber to be the winner of the season. 

    Next was Willam but since she was having a deep conversation with someone and I had already taken a picture with her, I moved on to meeting Courtney Act. 
    HOLY SHIT! She is even more beautiful in person than on TV! I'm always envious when a man can look 1000 times better than me. She was also really nice and her Australian accent is so cute. 

    After the event, I went over to Blood Manor as they were hosting Sharon Needles' Haunted Manor, featuring Alaska Thunderfuck, Courtney Act, Darienne Lake, Ivy Winters, Milk and Sharon Needles.
    The haunted house attraction itself wasn't too scary, more so disturbing. The only time that it was scary was when an actor jumps in front of you. But here's an evaluation of the queen's performance:

    Sharon Needles: She was the one who greeted you when you first enter the attraction. She just paced around (not even really), applying lipstick and talking shit about Phi Phi O'Hara. Pretty lackluster for the "host" of the event.

    Courtney: I wasn't even paying attention to the scene because I was looking at that tuck! It was incredible. She was chained up to an operation table acting deranged.,.NAKED. 

    Milk: She was in a room walking around with a mask and chainsaw. I knew it was her immediately even with the mask because that bitch is like 8 foot tall. She wasn't really doing anything except for walking around menacingly. 

    Darienne: She was in a slaughterhouse room with blood and pig heads everywhere. She just went up to each person and started oinking.

    Ivy Winters: She was in clown makeup in a Jack in a Box, juggling pins.

    Alaska: I don't remember seeing her but apparently she was in a jungle-themed room. 

    Even though the attraction wasn't too scary, I did enjoy seeing all the queens in this type of setting. All in all I had a really fun drag queen-filled day!

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