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  • Sammo's Guide to Tokyo // Part Two: Portable Wi-Fi [eConnectJapan] on Wednesday, June 10, 2015 @ 1:13 PM
    At this day and age, we constantly depend on our smartphones; it's inevitable. Even in a foreign country, we have to be glued to our phones. However, getting your hands on a portable Wi-Fi is pretty handy so you can search up locations on the go and go on Google maps if you're lost. 

    For this trip, we used eConnectJapan at www.eConnectJapan.com. They offer both prepaid SIM cards and portable Wi-Fi with several different plans.

    Since there will be two of us and we're only going to be staying for two weeks, our best option was to get a portable Wi-Fi. We chose the 3G plan since it had unlimited data and we didn't really need super hi-speed.

    The price per day will decrease if you rent it out for a long period of time. You also get an early bird discount if you order about three weeks prior to pick up.

    There are three options of how they can send you the portable Wi-Fi:
    1. Send to Residence
    2. Send to Hotel
    3. Send to Airport Post Office (Narita or Kansai)
    We were lucky enough that the amazing staff at LiveinAsia let us have the portable Wi-Fi sent to their offices and delivered it to us when we met up so they walked us to the apartment.

    They provide the following:
    • Pocket Wi-Fi
    • External Battery
    • Pouch for traveling
    • Instructions with password
    • Return envelope

    The Pocket Wi-Fi typically lasted 5 hours after being fully charged. If that's not enough for you, they also provide an external battery for about an extra 6 hours or so. 

    Once your trip comes to an end, all you have to do is put everything in the return envelope and pop it in a mail box.

    It was great having this device for the trip! Being able to just whip my phone out and Google Map the restaurant or store I was trying to get to gave me such a peace of mind. Meeting up with people was so much easier.

    I definitely recommend going on www.eConnectJapan.com and renting a Pocket Wi-Fi or SIM card for your next trip to Japan!

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